How to Make Ice Maker Work Faster?

How to Make Ice Maker Work Faster

Are you a summer loving person? Do you like to plan outdoor parties in summer but don’t know how to keep them happening? Don’t worry we are here to help you with all your queries. The best way to make a summer party happening is by gifting the guests with chilled and freezing beverages.

To keep the beverages chilled you need to have a large supply of ice. This is why the market has presented its customers with an ice maker. With the help of an ice maker, you can now have fresh chunks of ice in just a few minutes.

But what would you do if your ice maker is working too slowly? This will offend the guests and will make the fun party boring. So to boost up the process of ice making we will present you with simple steps.

This article will answer all the questions related to how to make ice maker work faster? We have listed down a few simple steps through which you can boost up the process of ice making. So if you are facing the same trouble then you must read the full article.

How Can You Boost Up the Process of Ice Making?

There might be times when the ice maker is not making the ice in the expected speed. This might become irritating as you have to wait for a long period of time just to get a single batch of ice.

The slow production of ice makers can be because of several reasons. In here, we will talk about all of the reasons which can slow down the ice making process. So if you are facing the same problem and are thinking of how to make ice faster? Then the steps which are mentioned below will guide your way:

Clogged Filter

Speed Up Your Ice Maker

The slow production of ice can occur if the filter of the ice maker is clogged with dirt. Do note here that this problem will only persist if your ice maker is equipped with a water filter. In order to solve this problem you can:

  • Clean the Water Filter: If the filter is clogged with dirt, then you need to remove it. After removal, you need to clean the water filter using a soft brush and running water. Then place back the water filter in its position.
  • Replace the Filter: If the filter is damage you need to replace it with a new one. A new filter is easily available in any online or offline store.

Freezer Temperature

Another reason for the slow working of the ice maker can be the temperature of the freezer. If the temperature of the freezer is too warm then the production of ice might slow itself down. To eradicate this problem you can:

  • Thermostat Adjustment: Carry out the ice maker thermostat adjustment. The temperature of the ice maker should be around 15 degrees so as to produce ice.
  • Look For the Temperature: The normal temperature of the freezer should be between five to zero degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Further Boosting: If you want to further boost up the ice production then you can lower down the thermostat to -2 degree Fahrenheit. This will further increase the production of ice from the ice maker.

Waterline Restriction

The slow production of ice can also be because of the restriction in the water line system. The waterline is the source of supplying water to the machine. If there is some kind of blockage then the production of ice might get affected. To solve this you can:

  • Self-Piercing Valve: Turn the saddle valve fully in and then pull it back out. This will make the hole again and thereby clear the blockage. This is for the self-piercing saddle valve.
  • Self-Tapping Valve: If the waterline has a saddle valve that is self-tapping you can change it with to self-piercing. The self-tapping valves do not allow the water to pass through them easily.
  • Other Solution: The kind of saddle valve which is installed by drilling a hole of 1/4inch of holes is the best. This kind of valve can be easily purchased from any hardware store near you.

Any other failure

If still, the problem persists then you can call for an agent from the service center. There might be some other fault in the system of the machine which might require expert treatment. So without any further delay, do call for an expert who can troubleshoot the ice production problem.


An ice maker is an efficient product. It can get a single batch of ice with 10 minutes or less. This way you can get fresh and yummy chunks of ice. These pieces of ice can be used in satisfying the guest of your summer parties as well as you can yourself enjoy cold drinks at home. Hence if you want to speed up your icemaker then read the detailed article provided by us in the above blog. Choose here the best countertop ice maker at an affordable price.

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