How to Clean a Portable Ice Maker

How to Clean a Portable Ice Maker

Are you a party animal? Do you love to invite guests at your residence and serve them? Summers can really be hectic. Planning an outdoor party in the summers can be a difficult task to accomplish. You not only have to provide the guests with a comfortable place to chill but also needs to make them happy with cold beverages.

But summer parties are no more a problem. All thanks to the ice makers which are available in the market today. They help in preparing a single batch of delicious ice within minutes. Also, they are portable and can be kept over the countertop as well.

It is equally important that you maintain the ice maker in the same way you use them. Cleaning this machine will increase its working life. It will also give out fresh and delicious ice every time it is used. But if you are new with the machine then do not worry. We are here at your service.

This article has the answer to the question of how to clean a portable ice maker? So if you want to get the answer then you must read this article. We will guide you with the simple steps to clean your ice maker.

How Can You Clean Your Portable Ice Maker?

The portable ice making machines are very simple in their usage. You just need to plug the socket to the electrical point and start using it. The ice maker is also easy to clean and maintain. So if you have purchased an ice maker and is looking for a cleaning guide then you are the right place. We will explain to you the simple solution to all the cleaning problems. So here we go.

The steps to clean a portable ice manufacturing machine are:

1. Gather All the Necessary Cleaning Equipment

To clean an ice maker you need to have the following products:

  • Pitcher
  • Warm water
  • Lemon juice or else white vinegar
  • Soft cloth for cleaning
  • A spoon
  • A measuring cup

Some other products which also should be kept while cleaning is:

  • Sponge
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking soda

2. Preparation of the Ice Maker for Cleaning

The second step is to prepare the ice producing machine for cleaning. In here, you need to undertake the following steps:

  • Empty the Device and Unplug: Before you initiate the cleaning process, it is necessary to empty the machine and then unplug it from the socket. This is a safety procedure and hence is mandatory.
  • Remove the Parts of the Machine: After you have plugged out the device you need to remove the parts of the machine. This includes the reservoir, the ice tray and other small tools which are attached to the device.

3. Initiate the Cleaning Process

After you have dismantled all the removable parts from the ice maker, now it’s time, to begin with the cleaning process.

  • Prepare the Cleaning Solution: It might revolve in your mind to what solution to use to clean ice maker? Mix vinegar in warm water in the ratio 1/10 by volume. This mixture can be prepared in a pitcher.
  • Wipe Down the Solution throughout the Body: Now is the time to wipe down the parts of the machine using the soft cloth. This cloth should be dipped in the vinegar solution. By cleaning ice machine with vinegar the stains of dry water will get removed. Vinegar also cuts down the stale smell of water and adds fresh fragrance.

4. Cleaning of Accessories

What Solution to Use to Clean Ice Maker

After the machine is cleaned, now focus on cleaning the accessories.

  • Clean the Ice Tray: The first accessory to clean is the ice tray. Clean the ice tray by spraying the vinegar solution over it. This will remove all the stains present in the tray.
  • Clean the Reservoir: The reservoir contains the water which gets converted to ice. Scrub of the stains from the reservoir using the solution and then wash it with clean water.

5. Rebuild the Ice Maker and Run It On

After the cleaning of all the accessories has been completed you need to rebuild the ice maker.

  • Install All the Parts As It Is: After cleaning put on the required parts of the ice so that it can function again.
  • Put On the Ice Maker: You need to now make 3 rounds of ice which you need to throw. This ice will eradicate all the germs and impurities present in the product. Make wash ice followed by a rinse ice round.

6. Final Installation

In the last step you need to insert the ice tray and that’s it your ice maker is ready to be used again.

An ice maker is a valuable product for those who love to have a summer outdoor parties. They produce fresh and deliciously chewable ice in no time. If you want the ice maker to have linger working life you need to maintain it regularly. Cleaning the ice maker will help you in getting a fresh batch of ice every time you use it. We have provided you with the simple steps to clean the ice maker where you get the answer of how to clean ice maker with vinegar and other necessary steps to follow.

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