How to Install Water Line for Ice Maker

How to Install Water Line for Ice Maker

Planning a pool party or a barbeque with friends on a hot summer weekend? What else than chilled smoothies will complement the heat? The cold beverages will boost up the mood of the party and the people. The most important thing for the drinks to remain cold is a continuous supply of ice. Hence, you need a machine which can provide you with that.

An ice maker is a kind of machine which helps to convert normal water into freezing, chewable and delicious ice. They consist of a reservoir to store water, a compressor and a freezer. Now, it might be tiring for a person to regularly fill up the water reservoir or the machine with water. Isn’t it being better if it was connected to a water line? The water line would help in filling the machine whenever the tank runs empty.

In here, we will provide you with the simple steps to connect the water line with the ice maker. Hence, you will not have to fill in the ice maker every time it runs out of the water. This article will answer all the questions regarding how to install water line for ice maker? So let’s begin.

How Can You Install a Water Line to the Ice Maker?

Adding a waterline to the ice maker is very simple. One does not require any kind of expertise to add a water connection to the ice maker. This guide will help you to have a proper focus on what are steps you should follow in order to install the waterline.

1. Required Items

Before we carry out the process it is important to guide you with the items required in order to carry out the task:

  • Drilling machine
  • Wrench
  • Saddle valve to shut off
  • Two Ferrules
  • Pipe clamps
  • A ¼ inch of compression nuts

2. Installation Process

How to Install Water Line for Ice Maker

After you have collected all the items mentioned in the list now is the time, to begin with, the installation process. This subsection will answer all the questions of how to hook up the ice maker? So carry on reading:

  • Shutoff the Main Valve: The first step to do is to shut off the main water supply line of the house. After this, you need to open a tap that is the lowest so that all the water in the pipes can run out.
  • Find Kitchen Line: After all the water has run out of the pipes, now search for the line that connects to the kitchen.
  • Valve Installation: In the kitchen line you need to drill a hole of 1/4inch. In this, you need to attach a needle valve. It is simple to install. Place the pipe clams in the copper pipe and tighten it with the help of a screwdriver. Keep an even spacing. This prevents leakage. Now insert the ‘T’ handle.
  • Solenoid Valve Mount: The former part of the machine is known as a solenoid valve. Now, insert the solenoid to its dedicated holes. These holes are present in the cabinet frame. For this, you can use the drilling machine and 1/2inch of the hex-head. If you want to install an ice maker water line without the saddle valve then you need to clamp the waterline with a subordinate tool.
  • Attaching The Waterline: Attach the waterline to the solenoid valve. You can screw the line with a wrench. Use the adhesive clips to keep the pipe intact to the body of the ice maker.

3. Run Tests

After all the procedure has been completed you need to run a few tests by turning on the water supply. This will help you in judging the leakage and faults which would be present in these systems. But the question is, how to test the ice maker water valve? So this can be done when the “T” point is parallel to the pipeline, the waterline is opened. Similarly, if the “T” is perpendicular to the pipeline the water valve gets to turn off.

4. Final Checks

After you have fixed all the leakage points not is the time to run the final test. In this test, you need to carry on the regular procedure and fill the ice maker with the water. After the ice maker is filled you need to turn it on. Prepare a batch of ice to see that it is functioning or not.

If you are new to the process of ice making, you might think of how to turn off the ice maker water line? This is simple you need to just turn off the valve which is present behind the device. This will cut off the water supply to the ice maker.


An ice maker is an important device for ice production these days. They can give you a fresh and delicious batch of ice in no time. They can either be commercial or portable in nature. This article has helped you in explaining how to install a water line for the ice maker and its importance. Here You can choose the best ice maker according to your requirements and budget.

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