Steps To Reset Your LG Refrigerator Ice Maker

How To Reset Your LG Refrigerator Ice Maker

Are you still confused about how to reset the LG refrigerator ice maker? Do you want to know which one is the best portable ice maker? If the answer is yes and you want to know how I reset my LG ice maker, then read the blog and discover how you can do it. If you are encountering a problem after you have changed the filter or restored the power to the unit, then don’t worry as this blog entails the details regarding how an LG ice maker reset. 

To reset the ice maker in all the variants of the refrigerator, you need to first find the accessory which is usually located on the left side of the door. Below we have mentioned a few steps on how you can reset an LG refrigerator:

Step 1

The first step is to open the main door of the refrigerator and then, open the door that covers the ice maker. You will notice there is a plastic cover over the LG ice maker; you simply need to lift it up and take it off.

Lg Ice Maker Reset

Step 2

The next step is to lift the ice maker bin and don’t forget to place it carefully. Once you set it aside, you will notice the motorized icemaker.

Step 3

The third step is to check the power button of the ice maker and make certain that it is on. If it is ON, then you will notice it by a horizontal slash. If the ice maker is OFF, then you will notice it will display an “O.”

Step 4

Now, you just have to find the reset button of the ice maker. You can locate it either on the right side or left side of the refrigerator, depending on the variant of the refrigerator.  You just have to depress the reset button for not more than 5 seconds. Once the button resets, you will notice the maker begins to move.

Step 5

When you see the ice maker is not moving, you have to change the ice bin and shut the door which covers the bin or you can also change the top cover only. It will again depend on the variant you are using.

The above are a few steps on how you can reset an LG refrigerator on your own without calling a technician. After following all the steps carefully, you can reset the icemaker in just a few minutes. Ensure that you read the manual instruction as it contains all the information related to the various parts of the refrigerator. If after following the steps you are facing a problem, then it is suggested that you call a professional for help.

We hope after reading the blog, we have helped you reset an LG icemaker on your own with ease. Just make certain that you follow all the steps and don’t skip even a single step as it will create a problem. Don’t forget to read the instruction manual thoroughly as it will help you change the settings of the refrigerator.

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