Why The Ice Maker Is Making A Sound?

Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound

Still wondering why does my ice maker make a knocking sound? If your ice maker making a clicking noise, then don’t worry and read the blog as we have discussed the possible reasons which lead to ice maker making noise. There are several reasons why the ice maker is making noises, however, with a little adjustment, you can fix the problem. We have mentioned a few reasons why the ice maker is making noises and mentioned how to buy the best counter top ice maker.

Below we have mentioned a few reasons why is your ice maker making noises:

  • Error in the Fan Motor

If the loud noise is coming from the refrigerator, then ensure that you examine the condenser fan motor. If you have a frost-free refrigerator, then you will find it at the bottom of the refrigerator. The fan diffuses over the coil to discard the heat produced and it might be possible that some debris might hinder the fan to move properly or the motor might be worn out. Before calling a professional, ensure that you check the fan motor.

Ice Maker Making Noise

  • Check the Evaporator Blade

Are you encountering a problem with the freezer section? Is the noise coming from the freezer section? If yes, then check the evaporator blade as it might be causing the trouble. The evaporator fan is in the freezer section which distributes the air in the freezer. Just check if the motor or the fan blades are functioning properly. The problem could arise due to the defrost issue as the ice gets accumulated on the fan blade and hinders the blade movement. Due to this, the fan’s blade makes noises or gets damaged gradually.

  • Determine the Compressor

Is your compressor making noises? If the noises are louder than usual, then ensure that you determine the compressor as it might be worn out. If the noise gets louder, then it indicates that the compressor is not functioning properly. If the problem is in the compressor, then it is suggested that you call a technician at the earliest and resolve the problem.

The above are a few reasons why your ice maker is making loud noises. Ensure that you check all the above factors before calling someone to repair it. Before buying the refrigerator, just make certain that you check out the various options available to you and buy the best one which offers amazing features. If after trying these methods you are still not able to fix the problem, then it is highly suggested that you call a technician without wasting any time.

We hope after reading the blog, we have cleared all your queries why your ice maker is making loud noises. Just make sure you read the manual thoroughly to know the different parts of the refrigerator and check the warranty of the appliance before you change any part of the refrigerator.

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